Easy Ways to Go Green with Your Car

Green With Your Car
Easy Ways to Go Green with Your Car

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”

This famous quote by William Wordsworth truly gives us the essence of the power and the beauty of nature. At times many of us fail to love nature as we should. Hence, the nature gets destructive and we blame it on her. But what about the scars humans are making on it constantly? It is us humans and our so called development that is continuously exploiting it. Polluting it is one of the major problems. It’s high time to give it back to nature, all the love that she’s been giving to us.

Automobiles are the major cause of air pollution. We can do our bit and find ways to Go Green with our cars. The small changes we make in our lifestyle today will lead to a sustainable development and a better future. Here are few easy ways to go green with your car:

  • Follow a vehicle service schedule

Go for regular service of your vehicle. If you don’t have time for that and don’t want to take all the pains, you may want to give this work to Autotygr® (your personal car care manager)*. They will make it convenient to get your car serviced and then you can drive it guilt free. In your service schedule don’t forget to include steps like checking engine performance, keeping tires properly inflated, replacing air filters regularly and changing oil regularly. Routine maintenance helps reduce emissions and fuel consumption, saving money at the pump.

  • Green driving practices
    The Driving technique has a lot to do with your fuel economy. Avoid sudden starts and stops.  Not only does speeding and herky-jerky driving kill your mileage, it’s dangerous. Even if nobody gets hurt it is really annoying to go to a service station to get the things fixed. But still if you messed it up a little bit Autotygr® will help you and will take all the head ache to get your car fixed. Also, drive wise and minimize unnecessary miles by getting good directions. A lot of these techniques are known as “hypermiling” and help you maximize your fuel efficiency.
  • Pool and Share your car

Find co-workers, neighbors, and fellow students headed the same direction. It will save your money as one may share the expense of the fuel and this will also reduce the usage of precious fossil fuels.

  • Be easy on the A.C.

If the weather is cool enough use the windows to keep your car cool. Parking in the shade and using a reflective windshield shade can keep the car cooler when parked, meaning it takes less to cool it off when you get back in. Hence, this will lead to less emission of CFCs.

  • Make sure that your Pollution Under Control Certificate (P.U.C. Certificate) is up to date

Being aware of your car’s care and performing basic vehicle maintenance go a long way towards protecting the environment and improving fuel economy. Don’t be lazy for the sake of the future generations. You just need to download the Autotygr® application in your mobile and then you would be just a click away from getting your car serviced. And the cherry on the cake is that one doesn’t have to go anywhere but a valet will come to pick the car and will drop it back after the service. And yes, you can monitor all this. Not just this but there would be experts to help you. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and take your first step forward for your car’s care and for protecting the environment by doing your bit of work.

*services currently available only in Bangalore

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