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Car Dress Up
Keep your dress up

Why do we dress up? We dress up because we want to make an impression, to feel confident, to express ourselves, to flaunt what we’ve and because we deserve to look fabulous. Why do we need to dress up our cars? Same thing, we want our cars to make an impression, to feel confident while we sit in them, to flaunt them and because they are beautiful we need them to look fabulous all the time. After all, “People will stare. Make it worth their while”.

Trends in the automobile industry keep changing and nobody could deny the fact that often we fail to track them. So, the best thing is to showcase your own style and take inspirations from the ongoing trends and not just copy. Expressing your personal style is always trendy. As somebody said, “Style is something that each one of us already has; all we need to do is find it”. Some people like to keep their cars simple and just like the way the company has given them and some like to boggle their minds and make their cars shout that they are theirs (this reminds me of the hippie van in Scooby Doo). Anyway, below are the few tips that you may like to use for adding that oomph in your car:

  • “It’s all about that bass” – the music system

Cars often come with a pre-installed music system but a lot of times people are not satisfied with them, especially the hard core music lovers who want their music experience to be ultimate. Nowadays automobile companies have started giving an upgrade option with fancy interactive technology; also there are a few car entertainment companies such as Pioneer India, Bose, JBL, etc. which offer an upgrade to your car’s music system. Thirst for good music quality will be satisfied and one can also flaunt the interactive technology in front of their friends.

  • “That’s what makes you beautiful” – the skin

High gloss paints, NO, car designers agree. The hottest color for a car is white, one can always choose to add more depth and vibrancy with metallic or candy finishes. White is a color if you wish to change will always be easier plus, you can add your creativity and use other colors in tits and bits as white will always make the other colors pop.

  • “Shine bright like a diamond” – the headlamps

Headlamps on a car are like jewelry on a woman. Some beauties already come with gorgeous gems but some beauties need a little glorification. As, “Headlamps always signify a high-end level of technology. You think that everything under the skin of the car is also advanced,” says Sandy Boyes, Chief Designer – Interiors, Jaguar. White makes a mark here too, white LED lights is a huge trend.

  • “Fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)” – the wheels

Bigger the better. Exterior designer of the Ford Edge, Kevin George, swears on big wheels. 15-inch wheels are standard, welcome the highness, 22-inch massive back wheels just like on Chevy Corvette Stingray. Do this only on the fully modified cars and not on utility cars otherwise it’ll be a funny sight.

  • “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet” – the sun roof

Oversized sun roofs are so in. It is one of the hottest designer trends. One can see the whole sky and enjoy the long drives, kids will love it too. Not just this, it’ll also make the car look more spacious and open.

  • “Cause you are amazing, just the way you are” – interiors

“It’s [simplified interiors] inviting. It makes you think like you can’t do anything wrong.” says Ford’s in-house “futurist” Sheryl Connelly. Simplified interiors are back and cockpits looking like interiors are long gone. So, one can choose to be easy on their cars and love them as they are. Simplicity is the new black.

  • “I’m bringing sexy back” – curves are back

Sharp angular car bodies are outdated and sexy curvaceous car bodies are in. Angles are harsh and curves are smooth. It seems like your car is more delicately sculpted. It shouts sophistication.

  • “Love me like your do” – car service

Just as we need to take care of ourselves constantly to make ourselves look presentable, even our cars need to be taken care of constantly so that they perform well and look good all the time. Sometimes, getting our cars serviced is a pain but now we can do it at the comfort of our homes. Our app, Autotygr can do it for you. One just needs to download the app and book an appointment; our valet will come at your home to pick up your car and will take it to an authorized service center and will drop it at back. Easy peasy. It will not only make your car look better but will increase its age too. Always love your beauties.

These are the few things we thought that one could change and modify in their cars. Though, everybody’s personal preference is different and that’s totally cool. These are some of the designer trends that you may want to conform to, for that extra oomph. Some changes are possible for every budget and some changes might require you to go bankrupt. So, think wisely before you spend because trends keep changing every season but don’t forget to add your own spice. One can even go for small accessory add-ons like hangings, seat covers, perfumes, show pieces, glow in the dark accessories, DIYs, and so much more and still be super stylish because, “Style is primarily a matter of instinct.”

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