Car Care for Winters


  Winters are finally here and with that harsh and dry climate. Like we need extra care in winters so does our cars. Cars create a lot of problem if not maintained properly especially in winters and nobody likes the idea of a car which is not functioning properly. As a driver, there are things one can do to prevent troubles. During the winter months, there are many dangers to be aware of. If one doesn’t take the season into consideration, one could end up putting themselves in a bad position.

Following are the few tips that one can follow to take care of your car in winters:

  • Follow a service schedule

Following a service schedule is very important to maintain your car. With a car which is maintained the probability of a breakdown gets very low. Plus, getting your car serviced before the season starts will give you less troubles when the season starts. If you think you are busy and can’t take time out for your car’s service there are apps which can do that for you like Autotygr®. You just need to download their app and leave the rest to them. They’ll pick your car from your door step and then take it to the authorized service stations. The good part is that you can track your car too. The process is absolutely hassle free.

  • Clean the filters

Running on dirty filters is never a good idea. They are less efficient and burn more fuel. In winters cars already give low mileage and over that dirty filter should be a big no, no.

  • Change the oil

Experts say that it is one of the most neglected things, but replacing your car engine oil is very important. Winters can put additional stress on your vehicle and dirty oil, full of sludge won’t do any good. When changing the oil make sure to change the oil filter as well.

  • Heater must be in a good condition

For passenger comfort the heater of the car must be in good condition. Before the cold winds hit make sure to get your car’s air conditioning clean so, that one doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the car.

  • Check that all lights and signals are functional

Ignoring this can create a huge trouble. So, make sure that all the lights of your car are properly working before the season starts. Nobody wants anything bad to happen.

  • Check the brakes

Check the car’s breaks for extra safety and to prevent costly repairs that can be caused by neglect.

Follow these tips and your car must be ready to face the winters.

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